Digilevel 60 Inclinometer


Digilevel 60 Inclinometer

Digilevel 60 is an ideal product for inspection and implementation of level, plumb, slopes and angles in Road construction, Railway Construction and Building Construction.

  • In engineering - metal fabrication & substructures;
  • In Road Construction use on hot asphalt for sample slope check readings and functioned fine;
  • In railway construction check sleeper levels;
  • In buildings, use the electronic level for floors, roofing, and staircase;
  • In industrial use for applications such as angle and slope measurement on conveyer belts. 

The Digi level is a professional digital electronic spirit level (inclinometer) that enables the user to find & check level, plumb & angles in two ways:

  • For quick reference use the sensitive horizontal & vertical bubble vials.
  • For highly precise and easy work the unit features digital electronic display that provides vertical or horizontal angles. Accurate slope readings when required.

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Digilevel 60 Inclinometer
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