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Digilevel 60 Inclinometer

Digilevel 60 is an ideal product for inspection and implementation of level, plumb, slopes and angles in Road construction, Railway Construction and Building Construction.

  • In engineering - metal fabrication & substructures;
  • In Road Construction use on hot asphalt for sample slope check readings and functioned fine;
  • In railway construction check sleeper levels;
  • In buildings, use the electronic level for floors, roofing, and staircase;
  • In industrial use for applications such as angle and slope measurement on conveyer belts. 

The Digi level is a professional digital electronic spirit level (inclinometer) that enables the user to find & check level, plumb & angles in two ways:


  • For quick reference use the sensitive horizontal & vertical bubble vials.
  • For highly precise and easy work the unit features digital electronic display that provides vertical or horizontal angles. Accurate slope readings when required.

Product Specification
Length 60 cm
Measurement Range 4x90 Degrees
Measurement Electronic Accuracy +/- 0.1° (At 0° and 90°)
Measurement Electronic Accuracy +/- 0.2 ° (At 1° to 89 °)
Measurement Accuracy for vials +/- 0.5 mm /+/- 0,028 degrees
Operating Temperature O ° C to 40°C
Memory 9 Results Stored
Environmental Splash & water resistant
Power Supply 2X1.5v AAA Batteries
Size ( in mm ) 626 x 72 x 33
Weight (in g ) 800
Item Code ST- DL60
Measurement Range : 4 x 90 Degrees.
Measurement Options : Degree(°), Percentage (%), pitch (inches/feet).
Unit containstwo bubble vials,rugged & biltto last.
Memory allowsfor up to 9 readingsto be stored.
The Sensoris encased in a high impact ABS polymer case. It'ssealed against dirt, and water & penetration.
Acoustic signal at horizontal & vertical.
Embedded magnets for fixing to magnetic responsive surface.
Reference function allowstransfer ofreadings with respectto any surface orsurface angle otherthan level.
Displays current operating temperature in °C when unit is switched on.
Auto shut off after 15minutes.
Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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