Video Borescopes

Video Borescopes

Video Borescope featured are the cube fiber based scopes for viewing, image capture and video recording for in line inspection of activity of cylinders, pressurized vessels, engines and other objects or pipe rings which cannot be inspected using conventional method.    

The product range of Borescope for NDT featured includes the EZ Scope - compact and economy  video borescope  , ST 10 - for remote space inspection and video recording  , and   ST WVBS  - handheld digital wireless borescope.

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EZ Scope Borescope

Compact and economy video borescope with a 1 meter long probe tube length of 10 mm dia.

ST10 Monitor Type Image Guide Borescope

Monitor Type Image Guide Borescope for inspection of remote spaces , photographed & video recorded.


The Handheld Digital Wireless Borescope features an easy to use, convenient design.

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