STANONE SCM 204 AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter

SCM204 SCM204 SCM 204 SCM204 clamp meter SCM 204
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STANONE SCM 204 AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter

The STANONE SCM 204 is a high accuracy true RMS AC/ DC clamp meter that additionally provides live wire test allowing differentiation between live wires & neutral, Ideal for electrical measurement where both AC & DC current measurement are necessary upto 600A.

SCM 204 is a portable AC/DC clamp meter with auto range feature & provide a variety of measurements including AC/DC voltage, resistance, voltage frequency & including temperature measurement using thermocouple probe.

The Digital clamp meter is designed with a EN 61010-1 CAT III 300 V safety standard which ensures user a safe & reliable measurement. It has high precision current scale & high voltage frequency measurement extension . SCM 204 AC/DC digital clamp meter is a great tool for electrical measurements upto 600A & has an additional NCV testing feature allow sense which wire circuits are energized.

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STANONE SCM 204 AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter
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