One-click Cleaner TK-20

One-click Cleaner TK-20 TK20(1) TK20(2)
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One-click Cleaner TK-20

One Click fiber cleaner is a necessary fiber cleaning tool, made of  densely stranded micro fibers with Anti static resinIt's  easy push motion engages to connector and initiates cleaning of fiber connectors. Rotates 180 for a full sweep, to ensure that fiber connector is cleaned completely. 

Choose 2.5mm type for FC,SC & ST Connector & 1.25mm type for LC Connector. TK20 provides up to  800+ cleanings per unit.

Available in 2 options- 

  • Choose 2.5mm type for FC,SC,ST,connector
  • Choose 1.25mm type for LC connectors

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One-click Cleaner TK-20
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