S600 Manual Focus Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

S600 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera S600 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera S600 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera S600 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera S600 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera
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S600 Manual Focus Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

S600 is a high-performance handheld thermal imaging camera capable of  distinguishing a temperature difference of 0.035°C, and together with the 30 Hz high frame rate, can obtain delicate and smooth images and videos in industrial, utility maintenance & scientific research works, with no detail missing. Its measurement accuracy reaches ±2°C, and meanwhile, it provides a wider measurement range to ensure the accuracy of temperature data.

Enabled with  12µm high-performance 640×512 infrared thermal imaging core, together with an accurate manual focusing lens, S600 thermal camera  can observe the fine

Structure of circuit board accurately from a close distance, or inspect power lines and building facades far away. With 8x digital zoom and ultrahigh infrared resolution, it can perfectly replace the combination of one camera and multiple lenses with low resolution no need to change the lens.

The Thermal Imager supports timed photography & cloud services which makes data easily accessible & transferrable for real time & offline analysis.

The S600 Thermographic Camera offers high/low temperature alarm & timed photography allowing detection of the area exceeds  the threshold value & reduces the loss caused by high temperature accident  It supports timed photography feature to record temperature rise changes for various scientific research applications.

S600 has 5 image modes including detail enhancement, IR, visible light, PIP, and fusion, with 10 pseudo color settings, to meet the temperature measurements of different requirements and increase the efficiency of temperature measurement.

The IR Thermal Camera Provides 640×512 HD infrared thermal image & allows operator to view more temperature information details of each image on the 3.5-inch HD touch screen.

Integrated with voice annotation &  QR code naming functions allow an operator to  quickly distinguish the necessary information for imaging during a long time period of temperature measurement work and recognize the real-time site situation at that time accurately. The images can be named automatically, or by scanning QR code, or by entering a name manually

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S600 Manual Focus Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera
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