Profometer 600

Profometer 600 Profometer Corrosion 600 Concrete Cover Meter Rebar Cover Meter Cover Meter
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Profometer 600

Profometer 600 is a professional all in one cover meter for rebar location, diameter estimation and cover measurement with locate mode and statistics and snapshot views based on eddy current pulse induction principle utilised by contractors and inspection engineers to avoid damages to the reinforcement steel when drilling, coring or cutting and to locate & map rebars, access concrete cover values and rebar sizes for spot checks.

The instrument consists of lightweight IP 67 universal probe with detachable scan cart for rebar scanning on large structures and spot functionality for measurements on rough surfaces and where space is limited. 

Profometer 600 consists of Profometer touchscreen, universal probe with ruggedized scan cart, probe cable 1.5 m(5ft), power supply, USB cable, chalk, DVD with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case. 

Profometer 600 is a scalable solution with upgrade possibilities to Profometer 630 AI/650 AI with 2 layer rebar scanning and Profometer Corrosion for corrosion potential measurement.

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 Profometer 600
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