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Metal Detectors

Cscope Metal Detectors in India

Stanlay is the exclusive distribution partner in India to C.Scope international UK, renowned manufacturer of metal detectors. We offer a comprehensive range of metal detectors from low cost to high performance motion and non-motion detectors.

CSCOPE Metal detectors available are from the CS880 metal manhole cover locators for utility companies to the CS1220XD 2 channel locator for metal detector hobbyists.

Motion Detector: C.Scope motion detector used advanced multi tone discrimination feature which allows the user to detect the smallest and thinnest coins in the most heavily contaminated or mineralized sites. CS6MXi and CS4MXi motion detector are one of the latest examples.

CS6MXi Metal Detector: is a specialist ‘Motion’ detector uses the latest microprocessor power to sift through, filter and then analyze the target signals from the ground, giving maximum performance and saving you valuable detecting time....Read More

CS4MXi Metal Detector: is a specialist ‘Motion’ detector uses three interchangeable heads to enable deeper detection, greater ground coverage and optimized performance for a variety of situations. Two of these are 2D elliptical and one concentric....Read More

Non Motion Detector

C.Scope non motion detector allows sweep speed to adopt easy identification for precise target position. CS990XD, CS1220XD, CSR1 are one of the latest examples

CS990XD Metal Detector: is a non-motion operating system for easy identification of precise target position ideal for archaeologists & smallest targets buried underground. The CS990XD Metal Detector is a neat combination of professional features on a budget priced machine.....Read More

CS1220XD Metal Detector: is a 3-Mode operating Non Motion Detector with audio and visual output. The audio channel of the detector operates in maximum depth while the screen provides information about the desirability of the object.....Read More

CSR1 Metal Detector: is a computer aided search system. The New force R1 harnesses the power of the micro-computer to check ground conditions, optimize depth and provides target identification data all in a user-friendly lightweight design ideal for both novice who require adjustments and professionals who can select ‘menu options’ to tweak performance to match their personal preference…..Read More


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CS990XD Metal Detector

CS990XD Metal Detector

The CS990XD non-motion metal detector for easy identification of precise target position with audio and meter discrimination system

CS1220XD Metal Detector

CS1220XD Metal Detector

CS1220XD Non motion metal detector for accurate information of buried objects .The audio channel operates in maximum depth while the screen provid

CS4MX1 Metal Detector

CS4MX1 Metal Detector

CS4MXi Metal Detector operating on the 17kHz frequency operating system for sharp and fast signal response with a lightning recovery time.

CS6MXi Metal Detector

CS6MXi Metal Detector

The CS6MXi metal detector with advanced multi tone discrimination feature using the latest microprocessor power to sift through, filter and analyze

CSR1 Metal Detector

CSR1 Metal Detector

CSR1 Metal Detector - check ground conditions, optimize depth, provide target identification data and even sort targets into wanted and unwanted ca

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