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Digital Earth Ground Tester 521

Digital Earth Resistance Tester


Digital Earth Ground Tester measures earth resistance in 3 ranges:  20, 200 and 2000 Ohms with data logging facility.

The 500 Series digital earth resistance tester is an advanced yet economical unit packed with features important to operational efficiency such as backlight display allowing use in dark spaces, data logging allowing unhindered work, large display, both 3 wires usage or 2 wire simplified earth resistance measurement with very high levels  of accuracy.

The product is very easy to use with simple touch button operation. Digital ground earth resistance tester is necessary for earth resistance in buildings, check lightning protection, remote tower, earthing test for cables, power transformers and equipment.


Product Specification


Function Range Best Accuracy
Earth Resistance Testing 0~20Ω ±2%rdg ±0.1Ω
  0~200Ω ±2%rdg ±3dgt
  0~2000Ω ±2%rdg ±3dgt
Product Supply Earth Ground Tester Unit, 1.5V Alkaline Battery,  
  Three Test Lead (Green + Yellow + Red), Simple Test Lead  
  Test Probe 2 Pcs, User Manual & Carry Bag  
  Item Code ST-UT521


 Backlight Display         
 Data Logging 20       

 Battery  Check

 Sleep Mode Around 10 Minutes       
 Full Icon Display         
 Over-Range Display Display "OL"       
 Contact Badness Display C Port or E Port don't contact Display " ------ Ω       
 Simple 2-Wires Testing         
 Simple 3-Wires Testing         
 Double Insulation Protection         



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