Wide Array Concrete GPR GP8100

Wide Array Concrete GPR GP8100

GP8100 is a wide scan width Concrete GPR from Proceq Ground Penetrating Radar series. Enabled with Quick object detection it is based on an array of 6 antennas providing a 25cms effective scan width and an effective top class penetration depth upto 80cm.

The Portable concrete GPR array offers supreme data clarity as it detects objects of all sizes & marks on concrete surfaces with ease. The superline scan visualization instantly displays the output in never seen clarity.

The high scan rate of 1200 scans/s enables a very dense GPR data collection in only one superline scan, which is equivalent to 6 classical line scans.

The Proceq GP8100 GPR comes with stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) technology which has the advantage to broadcast an ultra-wide-band range of modulated frequencies. All frequency responses get combined & enables detection of objects from shallow to deep depth in one scan.

The stand out feature of the GPR is different review modes & advance visualization with the help of post processing software; From Superline, split review modes to 3D & AR (Augmented Reality) advance visualization, the Proceq GP8100 is ideal for fast scanning of large concrete structures for condition assessment or rebar detection.

The GP8100 Concrete Scanning GPR offers large data collection through cloud storage & allow instant report generation to share the report as quickly as possible via url.

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Wide Array Concrete GPR GP8100
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