570XL-AS100-EMI Light Source

 570XL-AS100-EMI Light Source
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570XL-AS100-EMI Light Source

The 570XL-AS100-EMI fiber optic light source is an economical handheld fiber optic tool designed to measure insertion loss, Link loss on multi-mode fiber optic cabling network. It supports a wide range of UCI connectors, including FC, SC, and ST.

The EMI Shielded fiber light source allows the capability of performing these measurements in harsh EMI conditions to MIL-STD-461E. The 570XL-AS100-EMI meets the stringent AS-100 launch condition.

The Rugged & Splashproof Optical Light Source has two nominal wavelength options 850nm (Range: 820nm to 880nm) & 1300nm ( Range: 1270nm to 1345nm) .

Operator can change the wavelength from these options; wavelength indicators illuminate &  allow operator to know which wavelength is active.

The 570Xl -Emi Fiber Light Source also allows user to toggle the light between Continuous & Modulated modes with the help of [MOD] button, It illuminates when modulated mode is selected.

The 578 XL Fiber Optical Source has auto-shutoff feature which offers prolong battery life upto 80 hrs at continuous operation.

Applications :

The 578 XL LED Source is used for

• Connector/cable insertion loss measurements

• Link loss measurements

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