I520 Multi Scanner Wall Scanner

 I520 Multi Scanner Wall Scanner  I520 Multi Scanner Wall Scanner
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I520 Multi Scanner Wall Scanner

The I520 is a wall scanner used to locate PVC & Metal Conduits, Hot Electric Wiring, Electric Boxes In Wall, Tile & Concrete. MultiScanner i520 OneStep quickly and easily locates conduits behind walls, floors, and ceilings. It also locates metal as well as live AC electrical wiring.                          

Based on the principle of detecting change in surface sub densities, the I520 wall scanner locates both the edges and centre of conduits, plastic pipes or ducts embedded in walls. The I520 wall scanner also locates electrical boxes in walls.It also identifies live electrical wiring ensuring that you don't drill into potentially hazardous locations in the wall. The I520 has a huge application in locating plumbing pipes behind tiled or marble walls in toilets ensuring that you don't cause unnecessary leaks by drilling through plumbing.

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I520 Multi Scanner Wall Scanner
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