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PS 4500 Power quality Analyzer

The PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer is a versatile, easy-to-use power quality analyzer that can record energy use, log voltage and current, plus capture power quality events such as transients, sags, swells and track harmonic distortion. It can be used on single phase or three phase circuits and loads. The AMD option lets you perform on-line electric motor diagnostics using Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA).   

Provided with power analysis software tool that performs complete presentation and analysis of power consumption and Report Writer software which provides concise summaries including comparisons of summaries including comparisons of performance.

Product Specification
Measurement Rate
Samples every cycle of every input, voltage and current at 2083 samples per cycle (8 µseconds). All measurements updated once per second
Voltage Measurement Range
1-600 Vrms steady-state(direct input);
or 600–5,000 Vrms with 5 KVP probes,
or 600–15,000 Vrms with 15 KVP probes.
Display Range: 1-6 MV (using input ratios)
Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ±0.3 Vrms
Current Measurement Ranges
With HA5: 0.02-5A
With HA100: 0.1-100A
With HA1000: 1-1000A
With FX3000: 10-3000A
With FX5000: 100-5000A
With DC600: 5-600 A DC
Diplay Range: 1 mA-6MA(using input ratios)
Accuracy:0.1% of reading plus accuracy of probe
Frequency Measurement:
Range: DC, 22-200Hz, 360-440 Hz fundamental
Harmonic Measurement
22-3900Hz(65th harmonic @ 50/60 Hz)
THD Accuracy
THD and individual harmonics through 25th(1800 Hz) of all signals. With PowerSight Manager PC Software displays harmonics through 65th harmonic
Power, Energy, Cost, Power Factor:
Display Range: 1 watt-60MW (using input ratios)
Accuracy: 0.5% plus accuracy of current probe
Swell/Sag Detection Response:1/2 cycle
Transient Detection: High Speed Transient Sampling every 8 µsec
Waveform Snapshot: User captured waveforms set by user allocation of memory
Logging Period (resolution) User selectable from 1 second - 99 minutes
Logging Duration (length of monitoring session) User selectable up to 2 years according to memory allocation.
Power Requirement: 12 VDC@500mA, wall-mount power supply included.
Internal Ni-Cad battery operates 8-10 hours after full charge
Size: 196x40x54mm
Weight: 0.5kg
  • The industry’s highest safety standard. CAT IV
  • The industry’s highest sampling rate for RMS. V, A, W, etc calculated based on 2,083 samples per cycle.
  • Swell, sag, and inrush detection of every half cycle of all three voltages and all four currents, simultaneously, while doing all other functions
  • Complete Harmonic Analysis simultaneously on every cycle of every input, while doing all other functions.
  • True High-Speed Transient detection and waveform capture simultaneously on all inputs, while doing all other functions.
  • Complete power/energy/cost analysis of any AC or DC power system, while measuring harmonic, swell, sag, and true high-speed transient analysis on all inputs.
  • Compatible with VSD outputs. 22-200 Hz, 360-440 Hz and DC power
  • Wireless Communications with Bluetooth technology.
  • “Foolproof” Connections with SureStartTM patent-pending technology.
  • Provision for Removable Memory with slot for SD memory.
  • Advanced Options such as on-line motor analysis utilizing CSA (AMD option) and power-line noise spectrum analysis (FAO option).
  • Complete logging, custom triggering, and waveform capture capability
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Product Info Downloads

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