Concrete Moisture Meter

Concrete Moisture Meter

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Stanlay concrete moisture meter is a perfect solution to identify and monitor moisture in concrete. These concrete moisture meter`s help in determining moisture of concrete, timber, stone, plastic, fiberglass and are ideal instrument for construction industry.

The concrete moisture meters are used to ‘Spot check’ the top surface at one location on the slab.

We offer 2 different type of moisture meter`s options as given below:
V1-D1 Digital Moisture Meter is Pin less moisture meter and non-invasive instrument that measures moisture in concrete or wood, up to 3cms depth, without damaging the surface of the material being tested.

Proceq Hygropin is a Pin-type moisture meter that utilizes invasive way to measure moisture. It consists of a pair of pins attached to the meter which are pushed or driven into the material being tested.

Concrete Moisture Meter Benefits to the Customer:

  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Accuracy
  • Destructive & Non-Destructive testing
  • Graphic Display
  • Durable
  • Data Logging / Storage

Measuring Moisture in concrete provides information on the state/stage of curing of concrete allowing decision making during construction process.

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