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Rocoil Rail Current Transducer

The Rocoil Rail Current Transducer is used to aid non-instructive accurate measurement of the signaling currents in a railway line in a compact and portable measuring system which is simple to use and measures from a few mA up to 65A. When rail track circuits fail, they indicate a section being occupied as part of their fail safe design resulting in rail traffic being delayed.

Use of the Rocoil is followed worldwide to aid or diagnose track faults in audio frequency track circuits such as TI21 by detecting where current leakage is occurring. This can assist in reducing such rail traffics or train accidents.

A Rogowski coil, does not saturate and is 'linear' over an enormous range of currents 'from milliamps to millions of amps'. This feature enables the accurate measurement of very low currents at certain selected frequencies in the presence of extremely large currents at other frequencies, typical of Railway installations.

A track circuit is a safety-critical asset. Any failure can cause significant disruption to rail services and be a safety risk. Therefore, the ability to detect and diagnose track circuit failures in order to provide a fast response to failures/incidents has significant safety & economic benefits.

Product Specification
Frequency Response: Filtered Mode 50Hz Rejection Feature 10A/volt & 1A/volt
  Unfiltered mode No Rejection 1A/volt
Sensitivity Measuring Range: Filtered Mode Sensitivity Range Maximum Current
    10A/volt (100mV/Amp) 65A peak
    1A/volt (1V/Amp) 6.5A peak
  Unfiltered mode (No filtering @50Hz) Sensitivity Range 1A/volt
Unfiltered 6.5A peak
Overloads: A red LED on the top of the transducer indicates when the transducer is near the overload condition.
Output Connections: Output is via 4mm sockets    
Enclosure: The Transducer is enclosed in a plastic box which ensures that the internal circuitry cannot make contact with a live rail
Electromagnetic Compatibility: The transducer has no oscillatory circuits and there are no internal fast-edge transitions that could cause harmful emissions. The enclosure isscreened internally to minimise interference from external sources
of radiation.
Power Supply:      
Batteries: 2 x PP3 batteries    
Battery Monitor: When the transducer is turned on a red LED labelled POWER is lit. When the combined battery voltage is lower than about 15.6
Volts the POWER light starts to flash
Battery Life: Greater than 45 hours continuous use when alkaline batteries are used.
  • Measures signalling currents in the presence of large 50Hz component.
  •  Quick and easy fitting on the track.
  • Frequency response upto 10kHz.
  • Measures from a few mA upto 65A.
  • Overload indicator.
  • Will not be damaged by large overloads.
  • Analogue wave form output for the direct monitoring of current wave forms or for use with a
    testmeter/voltmeter, oscilloscope spectrum analyzer or multimeter that is suitable for measuring true rms ac voltage at frequencies upto 3kHz [voltmeter/oscilloscope/sp analyzer/multimeter to be purchased separately.
  • Powered by internal batteries (2xPP3).
  • Robust construction.
  • Insulated from the rail.
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