SMM180 Trend Capture True RMS Datalogging Multimeter

SMM180 SMM180
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SMM180 Trend Capture True RMS Datalogging Multimeter

The STAN ONE SMM180 is a next generation high performance digital multimeter with trend capture, true RMS, low pass filter, nS conductance, dual temperature measurement and more. With the help of the data logging feature, users can store up to 20000 sets of measurement data and display them on a trend graph for long term monitoring. IP65 dust & waterproof rating for use in any harsh working environment

The SMM180 is designed to solve problems in Industrial plants & process control, power distribution, & testing supply to data & telecom equipment.

Trend capture view: The SMM180 multimeter logs data "every second" Maximum, Minimum & Average value of electrical parameter being measured.

In Addition, the instrument features "Peak detection" with a response time of 1ms for transient values to be captured. Trends captured can be viewed graphically with the option to move data left or right and option to scale the graph vertically or horizontally.

LPF Measurement: The SMM180 multimeter also features LPF i.e. low pass filter which allows the operator to measure composite signals of sinusoidal wave generated by inverter and variable frequency motors, while holding voltages higher than 1kHz.

Bluetooth allows remote capture of data being acquired.

Real time Transfer is possible from DMM to smart phone at sampling rate. Requires separate purchase of Bluetooth adaptor.

Data logging: Log data transfer from DMM to Smart phone at sampling rate, settable by Smart phone.
List view: List of measurement results.
Landscape: Current measurement data at enlarged view.
Trend capture view: Graphic representation of measurement result.

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SMM180 Trend Capture True RMS Datalogging Multimeter
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