S2106 OTDR

S2106 OTDR

S2106 OTDR is a touch screen tablet style OTDR equipped with a range resolution up to 0.05m and an ultra-short event blind zone of 0.8m. The 5.6 color touch screen display, 20hr standby time and multi-functionality feature equip the fiber technician to do his work efficiently.

S2106 has 5 standard function modules- OTDR, Light Source (LS), Optical Power Meter (OPM), Visual Fault Locator (VFL), Intelligent Optical Link Mapping (iOLM) and 2 Optional modules - Optical Fiber End Face Detection (OFD) & Optical Loss Test (OLT)

Module options are equipped for Singlemode and Multimode- ranging up to a dynamic range of 45 dB according to user requirement. With  multi-wavelength simultaneous testing and one-button automatic testing and test analysis- this instrument enables the technician to understand cable condition with no effort.


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S2106 OTDR
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