Utility Detection & Mapping GPR

Utility Detection & Mapping GPR

Underground Utility Detector in India

Stanlay is the exclusive distributor partner to IDS Italy - world's most respected manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) for utility detection & mapping applications.

From the latest new Dual frequency 2014 Opera Duo GPR to the multi frequency multi array IDS RIS MF HIMOD to the vehicle towed Stream EM ,we have a wide range of Utility Detector GPR for metallic and non-metallic utilities prior any excavation.

The systems are capable of wide area mapping of utilities for producing accurate 2D &/or 3D maps of buried utilities. A combination of leading hardware with advanced software capability provides a surveyor or utility contractor the edge in utility mapping.

Call us to discuss your project requirements with budgeting to discuss & provide you with an optimum solution. 

Call us to discuss your project requirements with budgeting. Chosse & Discuss your optimum solution for underground utility detector GPR in India

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STREAM-C is a compact solution for 3D underground utility mapping with massive array of 34 antennas working in two polarizations (VV + HH) with real time automatic detection...


The RIS Hi-MOD represents the latest generation technology in Highly modular Multifrequency array based GPR.

IDS Opera Duo GPR

The most intuitive Ground Penetrating Radar ever - The Latest in Dual frequency GPR lets you see shallower as well as deeper targets.Advanced GPS integration allows you to...


STREAM is a vehicle towed Dual Polarized GPR for city wide mapping of underground utilities in massive areas of tens to hundreds of sq kilometers.

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