258 AC/DC Leakage Clamp Meter

258 AC DC Clamp Meter 258 AC DC Clamp Meter 258 AC DC Clamp Meter 258 AC DC Clamp Meter 258 AC DC Clamp Meter
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258 AC/DC Leakage Clamp Meter

258 AC/DC Leakage clamp meter is specially designed for on-line measurement of ac/dc leakage current adopting latest CT & digital integration technology.

It is a 10000 count auto-range clamp meter with a slender clamp design to allow use  in places with concentrated Cable such as high speed rail system, electric power metering , automotive circuits etc.

258 AC/DC leakage current clamp meter is designed with a specific size for high in accuracy.

It is an essential tool for safety testing for electricians. Hence, it is widely used in the field of electricity, Communications, meteorology, railroad, oil field , constructions , scientific & research centre, Industrial & Mining establishment.

It comes with  RS232 communication cable & built-in software through which past data is accessible & easily transferrable into PC for further use.

258 DC Leakage current clamp meter has Data Holding feature & can store measuring data upto 99 groups.

258 Leakage clamp meter comes with following accessories: 

  • 1 RS232 Communication Cable
  • Monitoring Software (CD)
  • 1 6F22 9V Battery
  • User Manual with warranty Card

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258 AC/DC Leakage Clamp Meter
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