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Force Balance Accelerometers


The AFB Force Balance Accelerometers are high sensitivity low noise sensors available in ranges of +-0.25G to +-4G for seismic and low level- low frequency motion studies.

As mentioned above the AFB accelerometers utilize low noise electronics for low frequency micro G range.

Aside from tradition DC couples zero output, the AFB-3C & 2C & 1C & also provide AC coupled zero output which eliminates tilt induced or offset errors facilitating high amplification of the basic output.  

The AFB accelerometers are desirable ideal for seismic applications such as earthquake monitoring & dynamic vibration monitoring in buildings & structures such as hydroelectric power plants/dams historical buildings, large building structures such as stadium etc.


Product Specification
Ranges Available ±0.25 G, ±0.5 G, ±1 G, ±2 G, ±4 G
Output Voltage  ±10 Volts differential
Band Standard 0-200 Hz
Input test  1/8 FS
Nominal Sensitivity  2.5 V/g
Orthogonality error  < 0.01%
Dynamic range  >165dB (from 0.1Hz to 20Hz with +/-1g setup)
Offset drift  0.000001 g/°C
Damping  0.707
Cross Axis Sensitivity  <0.3%
Non-Linearity  <0.1% F.R.
Supply voltage  10-15V DC (80mA for 3 axis unit)
Temperature, Operating  -20 To +55 Deg C
Temperature, Storage  -40 To +90 Deg C
Humidity  100% R.H.
Weight 3 kg
Size  14cm L x 15.5cm W x 8.5cm H (without connectors)
Case Material  Aluminium
Protection  IP66 (IP67, IP68 optinonally)
Connector MIL-C-10
  • AFB Force Balance Accelerometers are high- sensitivity, low noise sensors designed for use in seismic and low level, low frequency motion studies.
  • The accelerometers are self-contained and provide a high level, low impedance output.
  • No signal conditioning is required in most applications.
  • These sensors utilize low noise electronics in conjunction with the force balance principle to make possible measurements in the low frequency micro-G range.
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Product Info Downloads

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