STAN ONE STMH1 Type N Rebound Concrete Test Hammer

STAN ONE STMH1 Type N Rebound Concrete Test Hammer

The STMH1 Rebound Concrete Test Hammer is the quickest, simplest and least expensive method for (NDT) non destructive evaluation of compressive strength of concrete and other masonry materials. Also referred to as a mechanical concrete rebound test hammer, swiss hammer & sclerometer, It is most ideally suited for assessment of material uniformity over large areas of structure to delineate the zones or areas of poor quality or deteriorated concrete present in the structures.

It provides a measure of relative material surface hardness and is used extensively for the testing of concrete and rock. The hammer consists of a spring loaded plunger which when released, strikes the surface. During the rebound stroke, the mass moves a pointer providing a reference value on the scale called the rebound number. This number, when converted based on correlation table, gives the compression resistance value in respect of the impact angle.

The N type Concrete Rebound hammer should be used for concrete substrates of thickness 100mm or more. The abrasive stone provided as part of supply should be used to smoothen the surface. Each test location should be tested with 10 impacts in a grid or as per standard followed (minimum 9 values)  spaced 25mm apart or higher. The average value of the R rebound value should be noted & correlated using conversion curve (Max & Min values should be be within 80% of range of hammer test results).

The STMH1 Mechanical rebound test hammer for concrete testing, is possibly the highest quality instrument available for its purpose, and is engineered based on an all aluminum body with a  4 layer protective coating for ensuring against oxidization ; Inside parts are High tensile steel springs , Stainless steel centre rod, “EN” mass with hard chrome plating , Zinc rails – every component of the instrument is designed and made to exacting standards to ensure that the instrument provides the highest level of repeatability during measurements and durability.

Each instrument is duly tested, after manufacturing, on calibrated anvil, and with repeated impacts for checking functionality, prior packing. Accordingly, pre dispatch  documented test results, provided with each instrument. 

The STMH1 hammer is manufactured by asian contec limited, under its value brand STANONE

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STAN ONE STMH1 Type N Rebound Concrete Test Hammer
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