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Cat 33 XD Cable Avoidance Tool

Cable Avoidance Tools

Cat 33XD most rugged underground cable locator in the industry with Power (P), Radio (R) & 33kHz Generator Modes (G). Built Like a Tank. Depth measurement. Easy to Use. Built to Last.

The Stanlay C.Scope CAT 33 XD Cable Avoidance Tool are industry standard locators with Power (P), Radio (R) & 33kHz Generator Modes (G) that detect and trace buried services simply, quickly and reliably.

The CAT 33XD with its 3 modes of operation provides information about underground services before you dig.

CAT 33 XD Cable avoidance tool serves two purposes : CAT 33 XD CAT Cable avoidance, locating, receiver is used as a standalone equipment for cable locatingdetection and avoidance of buried cable & pipe utilities prior to any form of excavation. When combined with the SGV Signal Generator and accessories, the Cable Avoidance Tool XD becomes a versatile, all round Pipe and Cable Locating & Route Tracing Package with Depth Measurement.

The equipment range makes locating really simple and lets the operator work with confidence and are specifically designed to be used by operators in ALL site conditions and in ALL working environments to ensure position of buried pipes and cables is pinpointed before each and every excavation.

Stanlay C.Scope Cable locators are the most rugged equipment’s  in the industry - water proof, dust proof, impact rated with IP65  Environmental rating ensuring a long product life providing an excellent return on investment. Built to last.

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Product Specification
Mode/Features Frequency (Hertz)  Sensitivity @1m depth Depth Detection
Power 50-500 7mA 3.0m
Radio 10,000-30,000 12µA 2.0m
Generator 32,100-33,400 2µA 3.0m
CAT 33XD Depth Measurement- Line     0.2 to 3.0m
CAT 33XD Depth Measurement- Sonde     0.85 to 4.5m


Depth Accuracy Better then ± 5% of Depth
Product Dimensions 720 x 270 x 63 (in mm)
Weight 2.9kg (including batteries)
Power Supply 8 x “AA” alkaline batteries
Battery Life Up to 40 hours intermittent use
Environmental Case sealed to IP 65
Temperature Range -20ºC to +50ºC
Approvals CE
Item Code ST-CAT33XD for cable avoidance tool with depth measurement


The POWER mode is the quickest way to detect most buried power cables by detecting the 50/60 Hz signal created by the electrical current itself, just using the CAT 33XD pipe & cable locating receiver on a stand alone basis.

The RADIO mode detects re-radiated "radio" type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables, allowing their position to be determined using just the CAT 33XD pipe & cable locating receiver on a stand alone basis.

The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by a SGV Signal Generator. When combined with a SG-V Signal Generator & accessories, the CAT 33 XD Cable Route Tracer becomes an all around Pipe & Cable Locating & Route Tracing Package. In this mode the CAT 33 XD also provides Depth measurement of Buried Pipes & Cables.

Multi Segment LCD display with bar graph for easy locating, pin pointing and direction/orientation of buried utility.

LCD displays important operating parameters such as :

» Signal strength
» Battery condition
» Confirmation of selected mode
» Depth (applicable to CAT 33 XD model) when used with the SGV signal generator.


Method to know the orientation of the buried utility. The LCD display provides a maximum signal when over the centre of the buried utility (in a transverse position).

Once located, simply turning the locator to become parallel to the buried utility reduces the located signal to a zero which is the indication of the orientation/  direction of the buried utility.

System is designed for single handed & finger tip operation. Equipment provide depth at the push of a button (when used in Generator mode & in conjunction with the SG-V signal generator)

Sensitivity control to ensure very precise locating.


Detachable loudspeaker to allow operation of instrument in noisy environments.

Double Antennae system with appropriate vertical separation which rejects interference/ambient signals such as signals from overhead power lines, for precise locating.


Audio response is an actual analogue derivative of the received signal (not a synthesized tone) ensuring great confidence during locates
Unit includes a DUAL battery pack (Main + Spare) in the internal battery compartment to ensure unhindered usage of equipment at site.The operator simply needs to replace the main battery pack with the auxiliary battery pack at site.

Equipment is based on standard off the shelf "AA" batteries.



Replaceable wear Foot/Skidplate allows usage of the equipment on asphalt, rough & rocky surfaces.


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Product Info Downloads

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