SIFT Series Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

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SIFT Series Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

The SIFT Series Industrial Fixed Focus Thermal Imaging Cameras are workhorses for industrial customers requiring 24 x 7 High-performance monitoring, highest, lowest & average temperature of the entire frame/region monitored.

SIAT thermal imaging detectors provide valuable thermal insights into the temperature dynamics of industrial systems, helping to optimize efficiency, reduce energy waste, prevent equipment failures & identify + diagnose potential overheating problems, cracks, machinery electrical faults, insulation issues etc.

Integrated Dynamic Alarm system : Different temperature variations can be set by an operator of the monitored area, the SIFT series will notify the operator when the threshold of temperature is triggered for further investigation.   

Thermographic camera applications :
Mechanical Systems : Thermal cameras can identify overheating bearings, belts, motors, and other mechanical components. This helps predict when maintenance is required, preventing unexpected downtime and extending the lifespan of equipment.
Building Diagnostics : Thermal cameras can detect energy loss, moisture intrusion, and air leaks in building envelopes, windows, and roofs.
Research and Development : Thermal cameras are used in scientific research and development to analyze the thermal properties of materials, study heat transfer, and monitor experiments.
Electrical and Electronics : Thermal cameras are used to identify hot spots and temperature variations in electrical panels, circuit breakers, transformers, and other electrical equipment. This can help prevent equipment failures and fires.

The SIFT Series is available in two variants :
SIFT30 :  384 x 288 thermal resolution  @ 50Hz with Temp range of  -20C° ~ 550°C
SIFT60 :  640 x 512 thermal resolution  @ 25Hz with Temp range of  -20C° ~ 550°C

SIFT Series is offered with lenses of various optional focal lengths, which need to be pre configured prior ordering, based on FOV and range to ensure that the application is met.

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SIFT Series Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras
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