Underground Utility Mapping GPR

Underground Utility Mapping GPR

Stanlay is the exclusive distribution partner to IDS Spa Italy - World's leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment.


Stanlay provides cutting edge geophysical investigation GPR hardware & software for utility detection on site to wide area utility mapping with output in CAD.


IDS GPR's are capable of locating in real time both non metallic & metallic utilities - to allow plan for excavation activities or update as built maps of underground utility assets.


IDS GPR's are used in thousands of numbers world over for non intrusive subsurface utiltiy engineering (SUE) , utility relocation design , industrial utility mapping of pipes & cables.

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The RIS Hi-MOD represents the latest generation technology in Highly modular Multifrequency array based GPR.

IDS Opera Duo GPR

The most intuitive Ground Penetrating Radar ever - The Latest in Dual frequency GPR lets you see shallower as well as deeper targets.Advanced GPS integration allows you to...

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