Micro Ohm Meter 620A

Micro Ohm Meter 620A Digital Micro Ohm Meter Digital Micro Ohm Meter Digital Micro Ohm Meter Digital Micro Ohm Meter Digital Micro Ohm Meter Digital Micro Ohm Meter
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Micro Ohm Meter 620A

620A Digital Micro Ohm Meter is a high accuracy micro ohm meter used to measure low resistance through 4-wire method of coils & shunts, measure contact resistance of electrical components & resistance of metallic materials. 620A comes with some excellent feature such as : Comparison function to determine if the device is in good condition, built-in rechargeable 7.4V 4000mAh lithium battery.

620A low resistance tester stores upto 1000 measuring data & allows two-way data transmission by USB interface.

620A Low Ohm Meter can be used in narrow space for on-site troubleshooting, such as metal coating resistance/motor and small transformer winding resistance measurements, earth system joints/welding points/power distribution cabinet bus and lead connection inspections and more.

In addition, you can measure the resistance value of know wire lengths.

With 10 micro ohm resolution the resistance tester has 6 operating range/switching range - 120 mΩ /600.00 mΩ/6.0000 Ω /60.000 Ω /600.00 Ω /6.0000 kΩ.

620A is in conformance to EN61326-1:2006 standards.

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Micro Ohm Meter 620A
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