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Pavetesting Laser Surface Profilometer

The PAVEProf Laser Surface Profilometer is a modular system for real time & continuous inspection and measurements of highway& runway longitudinal & transverse surface profiling, surface roughness, texture and rutting at highways speeds to international standards.

The system is capable of Measuring:

  • International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Ride Number (RN)
  • Transverse profile
  • Rut depth
  • Macro texture
  • MPD & SMPT. 

PaveProf Laser Profilometer is used during the construction phases to ensure standard quality levels are met and is also used to determine maintenance levels for repair and remedial action on existing roads. This results in significantly improved highway conditions and ultimately reducing accidents due to poor surface conditions.

These values can be then used to calculate ride comfort, surface friction and surface noise generation. 

The PaveProf is modular allowing systems as small as:

  • Single laser system for International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Three laser system for Ride Number (RN)
  • Seven laser system for Ride Quality Index (RQI)

To a maximum of 40 lasers

The system can be configure as a mix of SR and LR lasers to cover the full road width. The system can also incorporate cameras to allow acquire visual data on the go. The operator can see both data and video acquired alongside on the PaveProf software on the laptop inside the vehicle in real time.

In addition, the system is upgradeable to include an LRMS system for crack width measurements.

Product Specification
Roughness Measurements
IRI (Left, Center, Right):
Sample spacing 20 mm, at 100km / h, giving a minimum system sampling frequency* of 1.39kHz.
Texture Depth
SMTD (Left, Center, Right)
MPD (Left, Center, Right)
Sample spacing 1 mm, at 70km / h, giving a system a minimum sampling frequency* of 19.40kHz.
Rut Depth (Left, Right)
Sample spacing 200 mm, at 100km / h, giving a system minimum sampling frequency* of 139Hz.
  • Full Speed Highway profiler, with simple installation

  • Portable, lightweight or Full Scale Profilometers available

  • True ASTM Class 1 profiling system at all collection speeds

  • Real time graphical display with instant RN, IRI, MPD, SMPT calculations

  • Multiple Laser supplier integration

  • Oblique sensors with 1000 mm measuring range for full transverse highway measuring

  • High precision and accuracy

  • Simple one touch operation

  • Testing speed range from 7 to 115 kmph

  • System ready for immediate deliver y (stock inventory of over 100 lasers)

  • Optional GPS integration, with realtime display of position

Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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