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IDS RIS - Hi Bright

RIS - Hi Bright for early detection of damage to concrete bridge decks. This unique ground penetrating radar solution specializes in early  detection of concrete bridge decks deterioration, with its innovative  design and sophisticated software.

The RIS Hi - Bright is provided with the GRED HD Bridge software module with specific tools for mapping of damaged areas affected by  rebar corrosion, mapping of moist areas,  mapping of reinforcement cover depth and thickness and 3D tomographic view of rebar meshes.

RIS Hi-Bright revolutionizes bridge inspection using GPR, allowing measurement of pavement and concrete slab and asphalt thickness, Determination of reinforcement cover depth and thickness, Automatic detection of rebars, Detection of areas affected by corrosion, location of deck slab and protective concrete damage and Delamination detection.

Product Specification
Technical Specifications :
Data Logger Panasonic CF - 19 (or alternatively any standard windows PC with Ethernet LAN interface)
Radar Control Group 2 Synchronised IDS DAD Fast wave units
Number Of channels 16
Antenna Central Frequency 2 GHZ
Antenna Polarizations 8 VV Antennas + 8 HH Antennas
Load range : 7 – 150 kN
Collection Speed International System 100 scan/m at speed >7 Km/h
USA System 100 scan/m at speed > 3.5 km/h
Positioning Metric wheel and/ or GPS Interface
Battery Operating Time 4 h
Weight 50 Kg
Size on ground 98cm * 42 cm
Survey path Width 80 cm
Environment IP 65
Acquisition Software IDS K2 Stream
Post-Processing Software IDS Gred HD3 Bridge Module
  • Massive antenna array: Two rows of eight double polarized 2GHz antennas provide highly detailed 3D underground tomography.
  • Dual polarization: Dual polarization increases depth of penetration and quality of the imaging.
  • Fast data collection: RIS Hi-BrigHT is 1 meter wide and can scan a bridge with passes in a single direction. The time needed to inspect a bridge is reduced by 16 times compared to a single antenna ground penetrating radar.
  • Automatic generated moisture maps: The post processing software is able to automatically generate a map of the bridge deck’s general moisture zone.

RIS Hi-Bright is provided with the GRED HD3 Bridge software module for post processing



The Gred HD3 Bridge module is specifically designed to deliver bridge deck moisture maps in a semi-automatic way. The software is a unique interface that is able to automatically detect rebars, the depth of the asphalt and the concrete slab thickness. It is also possible to export three different types of status map based on several parameters and algorithms. These maps can be easily visualized and exported.

The maps are
Power Map: the Power Map is the amplitude of the detected rebars and it is expressed in Volts.
Moisture Map: the Moisture Map represents an estimate of the propagation velocity calculated at the rebars interface.
Asphalt Thickness Map: the Asphalt Thickness Map identifies the boundary between the asphalt and concrete layers and represents the thickness of the asphalt.

It also offers unique features such as the creation and display of 2D and 3D tomograms in just a few minutes after the basic filtering of the raw data and the direct export of structures and objects of any generic shape to CAD or GIS maps.

The software is fully compatible with any GPS or positioning data in order to automatically obtain geo-referenced data plots.

Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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