DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool

DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool

The new DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool and SGV4/SGA4 Signal Generator from C.Scope is the latest equipment for detection of buried utilities prior any form of excavation. The DXL4 updated cable avoidance tool series are loaded with latest features to find more buried metallic utilities by delivering significantly improved levels of performance and helping to reduce the effects of human error.

When used in conjunction with the SGA4/SGV4 Signal Generator the equipment becomes a versatile locator for deeper and harder to detect pipes and cables for complex locate tasks. 

The Dual 33+131kHz combined frequency will assist in the detection of smaller buried cables such as telecoms, sheathed fiber optics and street lighting spurs.

The DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools are driven by powerful digital signal processor technology, advanced software programming and deliver improved signal detection sensitivity” and Automatic Noise Rejection to detect smallest of signals even when locating in the most difficult areas of high service density and electrical noise.

Intelligent features such as an Automatic Daily Self-Test functionAlarm for shallow cables detected and a Dynamic Swing Sensor help ensure that the best working practices are adhered to and are being applied on-site. 


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DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool
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