DataScout10G Network Tester with Datacom Interface

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DataScout10G Network Tester with Datacom Interface

The DataScout 10G™ is a multi service network tester, in an android platform based ruggedized tablet, which enables telecom and data technicians to carry a single device powerful enough to test 10G ethernet. it will also test data networks down to 10Mbps or 100Mbps. DataScout 10G can test multiple services simultaneously.

Datascout10G is the only TIMS-DS0 to 10G Ethernet solution on the market, manufactured at Vista, California, meeting requirement of Metro Ethernet, Mobile backhaul, Utility, Smart Grid & Business Services testing.  

Datascout 10G being plug & play modular can be configured to test:

  • Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps though copper
  • Fiber ethernet 100M, 1G and 10G
  • DS3 / DS1 - E1/T1
  • TIMS
  • PRI – ISDN
  • DDS and Datacom testing
  • Loaded with productivity applications including: Chrome web browser, Google maps, Email, notes & contacts, PDF viewer, Onboard training videos, Remote control/upload via LAN.
  • Tests for proper 802.11 b,g,n configuration
  • Performs channel scan
  • Graphical frequency/channel/power display
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi
  • Dual 10/100/1000T/X SFP Ethernet ports
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+
  • BERT
  • Optical power measurement
  • PING & Traceroute
  • RFC-2544 with quick test validation
  • Loopback, monitor and thru modes
  • Automatic self test on connection
  • STS-1 signal detection
  • Simultaneously test Dual T1 and DS3
  • Dual T1/E1 testing
  • PRI-ISDN NT/TE emulation
  • T1 to Ethernet Bridging
  • DS0 Voice & Data Testing
  • CSU/NIU Emulation Mode
  • VT100 emulation
  • Frame Relay option
  • Comprehensive VF test suite
  • TIMS 2/4 wire plus wideband
  • CO/PBX emulation
  • Replaces the outgoing Am5, CXR-704, HP4935A
  • CSU/DSU emulation
  • 56K primary/secondary modes
  • 64K clear channel mode
  • Real-time received byte display
  • Monitor received signal level
  • Sync/Async & DTE/DCE modes
  • V.35, RS232, RS449, RS530, X2

DataScout also provides remotely controlled network testing, using Wifi 802.11, Bluetooth or LAN Hardwire, leaving the equipment at the testing location and accessing data through IP.

The equipment provides email and google chrome to save and send test results; additionally, methods, test procedures and training videos are available loaded on the instrument.

Simply configure the instrument modules and software from  a variety of options including testing of  DS0-TIMS, Y.1588v2, IPTV, VoIP, Wi-Fi and legacy DS-1/DS-3/Datacom , E1/T1testing, PRI-ISDN testing, layer 1-4 BERT testing, RFC 2544 traffic analysis testing etc.

DataScout 10G makes network performance reliability testing by using test protocol easy. Tempo (previously Greenlee) DataScout 10G multi-service network analyzers help to ensure business services are provisioned correctly at the time of installation, which reduce repeat visits to customer premises 

Training videos, as well as the user manual, are available directly from the simple to use, fast to learn, touch screen interface.

DataScout 10G is ideal for telecom & ISP service providers, railway metro networks,  networks utilities and datacom network installers.

The equipment itself is highly rugged aluminium enclosure supported by a rubberised boot, with an industrial touch screen, allowing rough use. 

Key benefits for DataScout 10G multi-service network analyzer:

  • Reduces OpEx by avoiding dispatches and reducing mean time to repair from days to minutes
  • Greatly improves visibility at the edge when integrated with Packet Portal
  • Increase average revenue per user by eliminating premises visits and solving problems faster from a central location
  • Provides affordable access on a massive scale with powerful real-time monitoring and analysis.
  • Analyzes and troubleshoots across virtually and network with pervasive on-demand monitoring
  • Operational expenses are reduced because of low learning curve for technicians.

The testers are easy to use providing Pass/Fail test reports & direct data output to allow any level of operators to test without much training.

The Multi-service network analyzers field application in both legacy SCADA networks & new generation telco fiber DWDM networks for:

  • Provisioning/Assuring 1G/10G Ethernet circuits
  • Provisioning/Assuring DS1/DS3 circuits
  • Verifying DS0, 2&4 wire signalling circuits (TIMS)
  • Testing PRI-ISDN and ATM circuits
  • Testing DDS & DATACOM circuits
  • Diagnosing Symmetricom timing systems
  • Utility substation SCADA testing 

 Configuration Options:




DataScout 10G Tablet without Datacom Interface


DataScout 10G Tablet with Datacom Interface


WI-FI Option



WI-FI Test & Remote-Control Interface

Ethernet Option  


Dual Port 10/100/1,000 Base-T/X SFP &  Dual Port 10G SFP+ Interfaces

Transport Options  


Dual Port DS1 Test Interface


DS3 Test Interface


ISDN-PRI Test Interface


DDS Test Interface

TIMS Test Option  


TIMS Test Interface

RITS Test Option  


Intelligent DS1 Clock & Timing Analysis Interface


Ethernet Test Options


Dual Port 10/100/1,000 Base-T/X L2 Ethernet Testing


 Single Port 10,000 Base - X (10G) SFP + L2 Testing

DS1 Test Options


Dual Port T1 Testing


T1 CSU/NIU Emulation


Drop & Insert Bypass


DTE/DCE Interface


DE1 On-The-Fly T1/E1 Utilizing the Same Interface

DS3 Test Options  



DS3 Thru-Mode


 DS1 Drop from DS3 Signal


DS3 CSU/NIU Emulation and Loopback Response Analysis

PRI Test Options



Euro/Asian ISDN-PRI Protocol Support

TIMS Test Options



4-Button Custom Frequency Program


Extended 2.0 MHz Test Range


E&M Type I-V Signalling, Trunk, PBX Tie Line Testing


Dropouts, Gain/Phase Hits, Amplitude and Phase Jitter Testing

Remote Control Option


Remote Control Via LAN or Wi-Fi

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DataScout10G Network Tester with Datacom Interface
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