Dymas 24 Alben Multichannel Seismic Recorder

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Dymas 24 Alben Multichannel Seismic Recorder


The Dymas 24 Alben is a multichannel acquisition system suitable for long term monitoring for stable configuration inside dams and structures.

The system setup ranges from 6, 12 up to 48 channels in multiples of 6 (with or without communication modules) positioned in a single metallic cabinet provided for wall or floor fixing.

Dymas 24 Seismic Recorder is used for both Micro seismic & Vibrational studies.

Connection to remote system is provided by HSDPA/UMTS, GPRS/GSM, OPTICAL FIBER MODEM, Wi-Fi and VHF. Equipped with optical modems for fast data transfer .The management software DYMASOFT, integrated with VIBROSOFT data processing software allows to build up efficient dynamic monitoring networks.

The Dymas 24 seismic recorder is compatible with both the 3D-1D Veloget Geophone and Force Balance Accelerometers from Solgeo. The Dymas is ideal for use in dynamic monitoring of civil & industrial structures such as dams, bridges, chimneys & rock noise.


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