S60 Laser Distance Meter

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S60 Laser Distance Meter

S60 laser distance meter is a handheld portable distance measuring device that accurately measures length upto 60m & can also measure area & volume at the press of a button.

S60 Laser distance measurer is ideal for use in interior/exterior design, construction, factory supervision & engineering inspection, including for home improvement projects. 

The S60 is more advanced than other similar instruments as it contains an electronic angle levelling method to ensure that you always measure the actual horizontal distance without having to look at bubble levels. The laser distance measurement tool allows you measure the horizontal distance (shortest distance) precisely  at 0° angular deviation. You can also measure & view angles directly on instrument.

The laser distance measurement tool is water & dust proof based on a rubber grip & sealed keypad. In addition, impact resistant ensuring the instrument is protected against fall.

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