Fish Tapes & Push Pull Rods

Fish Tapes & Push Pull Rods

Stanlay is a manufacturer & exporter of Cable Pullers :  Professional Fish Tapes & push pull rods for pulling cables & wires such as electrical, datacom, audio-visual, security etc, suiting a variety of installation methods such as pulling cables & wires in embedded wall conduits, recessed walls, underfloor channels, false ceilings or industrial circuits.

Whether as a beginner for setting up a contracting business or a professional, Stanlay cable & wire pulling products will help get you going. From new wiring for a complete electrical contracting project to installation of additional wiring in a circuit . From installation of data cables to installation of sensitive fiber optic cables for the datacom contractor. From setting up a new telecom contracting business to the large scale telecom companies,  Stanlay provides a wide range of cable & wire installation product options to ensure that the users find a product that is productive to their application.

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Cablemaster Fish Tape

Cablemaster is a top end professional product, based on 3mm dia Composite fiberglass fish tape.

Glassjack Fish Tape

Glassjack is an economy product based on Composite fiberglass fish tape for professional instalation/pulling of wires.

Powerod Fish Tape

Powerod is a top end professional fish tape for pulling wires in embedded PVC conduits up to 30 meters.

Push Pull Rods

Ideal for running cables/wires behind walls, through crawl spaces, in false ceilings & under floors.

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