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Revolution 310S Rotary Laser

Revolution 310S is the latest generation highly durable rotary laser with highest precision accuracy. Designed for use in rough building construction site activity, inspection & implementation of levels & grades in road construction and leveling in agriculture. The primary purpose of the R 310S is exact leveling at great distance for establishing alignment & slope in all visibility conditions.

Product Specification
Accuracy +/- 1mm/10m
Self Levelling Range +/- 4°
Leveling Horizontal & Vertical Automatic
Laser Reception Range Max. 300m Radius
Rotation Speed 0, 350, 750 RPM
Laser Wavelength 635 nm
Laser Class 3R, <5 mW
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery for 27 hours, Alkaline Batteries for 58 hours
IP 66
Dimensions 178x146x188mm (WxHxD)
Weight (in g) 2250 g
Item Code ST- R 310S
Robust waterproof housing.
Sensor Automatic : fully automatic alignment via electronic positioning motors controlled by temperature-stable sensors.
ADS tilt : automatic shutoff by ADS (Anti-drift system) when there is an external disturbance.
AntiShake : for rapid set-up & continuous /permanent leveling on vibrating surfaces and in windy conditions.
SingleSlope : this function allows manual tilt of an axis in automatic operation, even if ADS tilt is active.
SpotLite marking : prevents parallax error and assists exact marking of the reference height.
A vertical reference beam is provided to plumb and align partition walls.
The SensoLite 310 laser receiver has LC displays on the front and rear sides. Strong holding magnets allow it to be fixed to ferromagnetic objects. Enables use of instrument up to 600m dia.
IR Control : All functions can be controlled with the Commander 50 remote control from a distance of up to a maximum of 50 m.
The 4 IR receiving diodes allow this instrument to be remotely operated from all sides.
Transport Lock : a special motor lock protects the unit during the transport.
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Product Info Downloads

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