CS6MXi Metal Detector

CS6MXi Metal Detector CS6MXi Metal Detector CS6MXi Metal Detector CS6MXi Metal Detector CS6MXi Metal Detector
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CS6MXi Metal Detector

The CS6MXi metal detector is a specialist ‘Motion’ detector with advanced multi tone discrimination feature from C.Scope which allows the user to detect the smallest and thinnest coins in the most heavily contaminated or mineralized sites.  

The 6MXi metal detector uses the latest microprocessor power to sift through, filter and then analyze the target signals from the ground, giving maximum performance and saving you valuable detecting time.

The CS6MXi features an extremely fast 17 kHz response and recovery time with a crisp clear signal. The Three Pitch Audio Discrimination allows easy identification of targets. The Variable Discrimination Control allows further target analysis and the ability to identify and reject foil type signals.

The CS6MXi signal is a real time instantaneous signal which combined with the Iron Volume and Discriminate Volume settings give you clear, fast and precise speed of analysis on every find. There is also a Pinpoint Function which switches off the motion effect so that the search head can be brought to rest over the exact target location.

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CS6MXi Metal Detector
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