7" (Inch) High Resolution TFT Display Industrial Borescope MEGA-7

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7" (Inch) High Resolution TFT Display Industrial Borescope MEGA-7

MEGA-7 Video Scope Controller Display main Unit is a compact handheld instrument that allows the user to view applications in restricted spaces that could not normally be seen with the naked eye.

The 7-inch (180 mm) Inspection Video Camera system (endoscope) is supplied in a sturdy carrying case and consists of a display unit, insertion tube, power adapter and audio video cable. The display unit of the controller with a 7-inch-wide angle TFT LCD screen endoscope has the capacity of viewing, storing and reviewing photos and video images. Images can also be displayed directly on a TV screen or stored and transferred to a PC for viewing later. The 7inch display unit is powered by rechargeable Li-polymer batteries and charger included.
MEGA -7 Borescope is ideal solution for visual inspection of aircraft engines, aeroderivative industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines, automotive and truck engines, construction inspection and HVAC repair, etc.

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