580 XL-EMI

580 XL-EMI 580XL
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580 XL-EMI

The 580 XL 1310/1550nm Laser Source is the perfect light source for performing insertion loss testing on single mode fiber optic cabling. Dual wavelength output (1310nm and 1550nm) enables fast and accurate insertion loss measurements. Once the user has set the reference with an optical power meter, the 580XL Laser source provides a stable output for hours of continuous measurements.

The instrument family consists of individual instruments (optical power meters, 850/1300nm LED sources, 1310/1550nm Laser sources, Visual Fault Locator) and complete Insertion Loss Test Sets. Designed to accurately measure optical power levels and link loss on multimode and single mode cabling networks. These full feature general purpose fiber optic instruments are easy to operate & economically priced to outfit all technicians performing fiber optic installation and maintenance.

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580 XL-EMI
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