Bolt Tension Monitors

Bolt Tension Monitors

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Bolt tension monitors are highly sensitive Ultrasonic meters used by industries to measure bolt load, elongation, stress, and percentage of strain on threaded fasteners. Bolt Tension Monitors are instruments designed to monitor stresses on threaded fasteners for delivering precise bolt loads to the joint.

Stanlay is an authorized distribution partner to Dakota Ultrasonic USA for its range of instruments. Here we offer Minimax Bolt Tension Monitor & MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor that ultrasonically measure the elongation produced by tightening a threaded fastener.
Dakota Ultrasonics USA -Bolt tension Monitor Selection Guide:


Mini Max

Max II

Time Measurement in ns


Elongation Measurement


Clamp Load




Strain %


Bolt Material Types

Yes, Select Material types from preset or custom list

Use with Transducer types



Single element - 1 MHZ to 10 MHz frequencies, and 1/8” to 1” diameters

Magnetic & Non Magnetic options available

Magnetic & Non Magnetic options available

Glue-On for short bolts with minimal/ short elongations to eliminate transducer placement errors.


Temperature Sensor

Optional. To be selected at time of ordering. Part no : A-156-8001

Display view

RF (full wave view)


+/- Rectified (half wave view)


Large digits


Screen Size

1/8" VGA Grayscale display, viewable area 62mm x 45.7mm

5.7 inch diagonal, Blanview sunlight readable color, QVGA Color TFT Display

Split screen- combination (wave plus large digits)



Screen Refresh Rate

30 Hz

60 Hz

Capability & Performance


1250 – 13995 m/s

Measurement Modes

Pulse-Echo (P-E)

Pulse-Echo (P-E),

Echo-Echo (E-E), or Echo-Echo-Echo (E-EV)

Measurement Range dependent on material type and consistency

1’’ to 50ft

(25.4 mm to 15.24 m)

1 ’ to 999.999 ’

(25.4 mm to 25.4 m)


Measurement Gates


One gate with audible and visual alarm Amplitude 5-95%,1% steps

Three independent gates depending on measurement mode selected, with audible and visual alarms

Amplitude 5-95%, 1% steps


50, 75, 100, 300, 600, & 1500 ohms.

Pulser Type

Square Wave

Spike, Square Wave & Tone Burst

Pulser Voltage

Selectable 100, 150 and 200 volts

100 - 400V



Pulse Width


Selectable options Spike, Thin, and Wide. 80 to 400 ns

Selectable step options Spike, Thin, Wide, HV Spike, HV Thin, HV Wide, TB.5 MHz, TB 1MHz, TB 2MHz, TB 5MHz, TB 10MHz.

Spike 40 ns, Square Wave 80 to 400 ns, Tone Burst 50 ns to 1 microsecond

Alarm Outputs


Analog Out put: Proportional outputs (amplitude or distance), 0-10 volts



Key Pad

Membrane switch with 12 tactile keys

Membrane switch with 21 tactile keys


Direct USB-C 1.1 PC connectivity. Windows & OSX interface software




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