Laser Level

Laser Level

Laser Leveling Devices

The laser levels, electronic levels & angle measurement inclinometers featured are true professional grade products for positioning, layout,  transfer of levels, marking, level & plumb applications in  general construction & precision engineering applications.  

Choose Crossline laser levels or laser pointers between 2, 4 and 8 beam laser level options ; 1,  2 or 3mm accuracy per 10m ; Rotary lasers for large area leveling including foundation leveling ;Agricultural Laser applications.Electronic digital level and angle measurement inclinometers provide angle measurement of any surface at the touch of a button and are available in 3  length options with and without spot laser integration for level transfer serving various engineering & construction application requirements.    

The range of laser & electronic levels assists construction & engineering supervisors to seriously enhance efficiency and accuracy in everyday building construction,  metal fabrication & engineering applications. 

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Digilevel 60 Inclinometer

Electronic Level & Angle Measurement Tool 60 cms. Easy to use instrument for measuring level, plumb and angles.

Digilevel 120 Pro Inclinometer

Digital Level & Angle Measurement Tool with Laser Pointer 120 cms Long length version. Recalibration On Site Function.Measure levels & angles with outstanding accuracy.

Digilevel Compact Inclinometer

Compact Digital Level & Angle Measurement Tool.

Leica 3D Disto

Beautifully productive Your new partner for efficient room measurement.

Revolution 310S Rotary Laser

Latest generation highly durable rotary laser level with highest precision accuracy.

5 Beam Laser Pointer

Five square (90Deg) beams provide simultaneous level, plumb and square reference points. Use for positioning and layout.

Autocross laser 2 Plus

The 2 beam cross line is a cross line laser level. Horizontal and vertical lines are projected simultaneously to produce a perfect 90 cross line, or toggle between vertical (plumb)...

Altimeter Ziplevel Leveling Measurement Instrument

Award winning surveying instrument based on a patented gas & liquid system that digitally measures the difference in levels with precision in any terrain or between two...

Auto Cross Laser ACL 2CRX Automatically leveled Crossline Laser

Professional Automatic Self Leveling 2 Laser Beam Level & Plumb Crossliner with Built in tripod feet. Pivoted housing with built in tripod. Accuracy +/-2mm/10m. Can be placed directly...

Crossliner ACL2RX Automatically leveled Crossline Laser

2 Beam Crossline laser that provides Vertical & Horizontal laser lines which operate for inspection & execution. Accuracy +/-3mm/10m. Can be affixed to a wall, magnetically responsive surface...

Evolution Cross laser 8PRX Automatically leveled 8 Beam Laser

High-precision cross-line laser with 8 line lasers with Built in tripod feet. . Accuracy +/-1mm. Can be placed directly on a floor surface or used on a tripod.

Auto Line Laser 3D Plus

The Auto Line Laser 3D Plus is a top end professional laser level that projects laser lines with a working range of 360 in three dimensions.

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