Laser Level

Laser Level

Laser Leveling Devices

The laser levels, electronic levels & angle measurement inclinometers featured are true professional grade products for positioning, layout,  transfer of levels, marking, level & plumb applications in  general construction & precision engineering applications.  

Choose Crossline laser levels or laser pointers between 2, 4 and 8 beam laser level options ; 1,  2 or 3mm accuracy per 10m ; Rotary lasers for large area leveling including foundation leveling ;Agricultural Laser applications.Electronic digital level and angle measurement inclinometers provide angle measurement of any surface at the touch of a button and are available in 3  length options with and without spot laser integration for level transfer serving various engineering & construction application requirements.    

The range of laser & electronic levels assists construction & engineering supervisors to seriously enhance efficiency and accuracy in everyday building construction,  metal fabrication & engineering applications. 

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Digilevel 60 Inclinometer

Electronic Level & Angle Measurement Tool 60 cms. Easy to use instrument for measuring level, plumb and angles.

Digilevel 120 Pro Inclinometer

Digital Level & Angle Measurement Tool with Laser Pointer 120 cms Long length version. Recalibration On Site Function.Measure levels & angles with outstanding accuracy.

Digilevel Compact Inclinometer

Compact Digital Level & Angle Measurement Tool.

Leica 3D Disto

Beautifully productive Your new partner for efficient room measurement.

Revolution 310S Rotary Laser

Latest generation highly durable rotary laser level with highest precision accuracy.

5 Beam Laser Pointer

Five square (90Deg) beams provide simultaneous level, plumb and square reference points. Use for positioning and layout.

Altimeter Ziplevel Leveling Measurement Instrument

Award winning surveying instrument based on a patented gas & liquid system that digitally measures the difference in levels with precision in any terrain or between two...

Auto Cross Laser ACL 2CRX Automatically leveled Crossline Laser

Professional Automatic Self Leveling 2 Laser Beam Level & Plumb Crossliner with Built in tripod feet. Pivoted housing with built in tripod. Accuracy +/-2mm/10m. Can be placed directly...

Crossliner ACL2RX Automatically leveled Crossline Laser

2 Beam Crossline laser that provides Vertical & Horizontal laser lines which operate for inspection & execution. Accuracy +/-3mm/10m. Can be affixed to a wall, magnetically responsive surface...

Evolution Cross laser 8PRX Automatically leveled 8 Beam Laser

High-precision cross-line laser with 8 line lasers with Built in tripod feet. . Accuracy +/-1mm. Can be placed directly on a floor surface or used on a tripod.

Auto Line Laser 3D Plus

The Auto Line Laser 3D Plus is a top end professional laser level that projects laser lines with a working range of 360� in three dimensions.

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