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MT6 Rebar Detector India

Rebar Sensor

MT6 is a basic portable instrument that finds ferrous & non-ferrous metals up to 152 mm / 6 inches depth for:

·       Mapping Metal grids through any construction material such as concrete, tile and marble
Estimate reinforcement in existing columns/beams
Locate metal junction boxes in wall and tiles
Find rebar, metal conduits & plumbing before Drilling into slabs for Anchor Bolts
Cutting openings in concrete walls
Drilling to add rebar to slab joints
Boring through floors
The  MT6  is  very  useful  for  new  building  projects  &  maintenance of old buildings

Product Specification
Measurement Depth Upto 152mm (6")
Position Accuracy Typically with in 1/2 inch for rebar or copper pipe based on minimum grid spacing of 6 inch
Power Supply 1 x 9V Battery
Size (in mm) 251 x 109 x 63
Weight (g) 286
Environmental Water & Splash Proof resistant
Item Code ST- MT6
  • Unit automatically differentiates between Magnetic metals (such as rebar) & non magnetic metals (such as copper pipes). Identification of metal type is provided on the screen.
  • MT6 indicates when you are approaching metal with a (+) plus sign on the display, when the sign turns to (-) minus, you have moved away from the target.
  • The screen points depth and location to the nearest ½ inch.
  • The screen provide depth in both centimeters & inches.
  • Price is 1/10th of cover meters.
  • Personnel with minimum training can operate an MT6 unit.
  • Unit features Re-calibration button that ensures correct results each & every time.
  • Large LCD Display Screen.
  • Tough for everyday Jobsite use.
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Product Info Downloads

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