Power Cable Fault Locators

Power Cable Fault Locators

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ACL Stanlay offers exclusively for the Indian market, in association with KharkovEnergoPribor Ltd. (K.E.P) with its offices at Ukraine and U.K, Power cable fault locating test equipment offered in a variety of configurations based on application requirement. 

KEP Cable fault locators are some of the latest most technologically updated equipment in the industry providing a large no of High voltage pre-locating fault techniques including:

ARC reflection method, Impulse current method (ICE),Decay method including built in Burn unit for fault conditioning  to ensure that the operator has available to them a variety of techniques to locate the cable fault efficiently and quickly while ensuring against damage to cable under test.

The product range offered, includes: 

Portable Cable Fault locating equipment: 

KEP Cable fault locators are based on powerful surge generators and latest generation TDR RIF 9 with Multi shot capture based on touchscreen and rotary control

The P900 multifunction pinpointer is an essential tool used along with high voltage surge generator and TDR for cable tracing and fault pinpointing. 


Van mounted Cable fault locating equipment:

ETL-40, Automatic Cable fault locator, van mounted with DC up to 40kV for locating cable faults on medium & high voltage power cables including cables with extremely high resistance faults. ETL40 provides some of the most advanced techniques for cable fault detection based on a central control system where an operator can sit comfortably in vehicle and follow steps on control system to detect faults simply.

ETL-8, Van mounted cable fault locator, for low voltage cable networks, providing 2/4/8kV surge ranges to locate cable faults conveniently and efficiently in low voltage to medium voltage distribution networks.

Cable fault locator systems offered incorporate safety systems for ensuring all around operator safety.

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