Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Ultrasonic NDT Equipment

Stanlay is a preferred Ultrasonic NDT Equipments supplier to premier customers in India of a variety of non destructive testing equipment for the application of concrete, asphalt and material testing from the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality portable non destructive test instruments for concrete, asphalt, metal or paper.

The purpose of NDT Instruments is to determine the quality and integrity of materials, components or assemblies without affecting the ability to perform their intended functions.

Our ultrasonic non destructive testing equipment are based on other principles such as ferromagnetic , eddy current based etc can be applied to both old and new structures to evaluate quality of material used in civil constructions. Typical situations where Ultrasonic NDT equipments may be useful are:

Concrete NDT Testing Equipments:

• Quality control of pre-cast units or construction
• Removing precariousness about the acceptability of the material supplied owing to apparent non-compliance with specification
• Confirming or negating doubt concerning the workmanship involved in batching, mixing, placing, compacting or curing of concrete
• Location and determination of the extent of cracks, voids, honeycombing and similar defects within a concrete structure
• Compressive strength of concrete
• Determining the position, quantity or condition of reinforcement
• Concrete Pull off and adhesion testing

Asphalt NDT Equipments:

• Monitoring of asphalt content during the road / pavement making process

Metal NDT Equipments :

• Measurement of material thickness not possible otherwise through standard Vernier caliper or micrometer
• Measurement of material coating thickness

Some of our non destructive testing equipments are as follow:

Rebar Scanner – Stanlay R 660, MT6, Proceq Profoscope, Proceq Profometer 5+ NDT Equipments provides the capability to detect, location of rebar in concrete, measure rebar cover, rebar diameter and significant capability at an economical price.

Concrete Cover Meter – Stanlay Mc8022 NDT instruments provide rebar location, rebar sizing and cover measurement & ideal for onsite usage.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester – Stanlay Novasonic, Proceq Punditlab Lab+ Non Destructive testing equipments are high performance, microprocessor based UPV devices that measures velocity, transit time & other parameters for evaluating uniformity, cavities, cracks, delimitation & deterioration for determining quality of concrete and other masonry materials.

Digital Concrete Test Hammer – Stanlay Mechanical concrete test hammer, Proceq Silver Schmidt PC/ST, Schmidt Hammer Non Destructive Test Instruments is used for comparative testing, referenced against a concrete with known strength or against a concrete verified as conforming to a particular strength class.

Concrete Moisture Meter – Stanlay V1D1 Moisture meter, Proceq Hygropin, provide perfect solution to identify and monitor moisture in concrete.

Concrete Wall Scanner – Stanlay i520 Multi NDT equipments locates conduits behind walls, floors, and ceilings. It also locates metal as well as live AC electrical wiring.

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Proceq GPR Live

Most Innovative Ultra Wideband Portable GPR with line scan & area scan for structural imaging of rebar in the range of 0.9 to 3.5 GHz covered with a...

Kolectric Mc8022 Micro Covermeter

The MC8022 Micro Covermeter represents the latest in precision concrete covermeasurement. The Kolectric 8022 provides rebar location, rebar sizing andcover measurement.Performance meets requirements of BS1881 part 204 completely.

R660 Integrated High Performance Rebar Detector

R660 Integrated Rebar Detector is one of the most powerful and advanced non destructive testing equipment with built in encoder and centralizing algorithm designed for scanning large...

C310A Rebar Corrosion Detector

C310A Rebar Corrosion Detector is one of the most powerful and advanced NDT equipment based on single electrode half cell potential technique or 2 electrodes using gradient method.

R630A Rebar Scanner

R630A rebar scanner is powerful NDT equipment detect, location of rebar in concrete and provide fast scanning of larger structures with dense rebar

R800 Multifunction Rebar Scanner & Corrosion Detector

The R800 is a multifunction NDT testing instrument for Rebar detection and measuring corrosion potential.

TRHF Concrete Mapping GPR

TRHF GPR is an economical concrete scanner for examining the internal building structure for thickness and integrity of concrete and location of rebars and post tension cables.

Novasonic Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

Novasonic ultrasonic pulse velocity tester for measuring uniformity, cavities, cracks, delamination & deterioration of concrete , graphite and other masonry materials

Proceq Original Schmidt Concrete test Hammer

Rebound hammer Original Schmidt is the classic for the basic testing of concrete and structural components.

Proceq Punditlab Lab+ Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tester

Ultrasonic concrete testing with the Pundit Lab features on-line data acquisition, waveform analysis and full remote control of all transmission parameters. Fully open interface for control by 3rd...

Proceq Silver Schmidt PC/ST Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Best NDT equipment for advanced testing of compressive strength of concrete & other masonry materials.

Stanlay Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

Original mechanical concrete test hammer is a best non destructive testing equipment for concrete & other masonry materials.

Proceq Hygropin Concrete Moisture Meter

The perfect solution to identify and monitor moisture in concrete.

V1D1 Digital Moisture Meter

V1DI Digital Moisture Meter for testing moisture concrete, wood & fiberglass

MT6 Rebar Detector India

MT 6 - Electronic Metal Locator to locate & Map Reinforcement Bars Inside Concrete.

Proceq Profoscope Rebar Detector

Profoscope Integrated Rebar Detector

Proceq Profometer 5+ Rebar Detector

Advanced device for the non destructive detection of rebars and for the measurement of concrete cover and bar diameters.

I520 Multi Scanner Wall Scanner

Locate PVC & Metal Conduits, Hot Electric Wiring, Electric Boxes In Wall, Tile & Concrete.

Resitest 400 Concrete Resistivity Tester

The resistivity of concrete varies over a complete structure due to a variety of changing site conditions from day to day.

Resipod Concrete Resistivity Meter

Resipod a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete .

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