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Portable Gas Detectors

Hand Held Gas Detectors

Production & manufacturing environment and confined spaces can have presence of toxic and combustible gases which can be hazardous to life.

Portable gas detectors are compact, easy to operate safety devices that are used to detect combustible, and toxic gases, and oxygen depletion. For Detection & Monitoring of gas concentration, a portable gas detector is necessary to protect user`s safety at dangerous and hazardous work environments as well as to meet safety compliance in different industrial plants such as steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Ship building yard and utilities such as Sewage treatment plant, Power supply works, hermetically sealed area (manhole, tank), Oil & Gas utilities & telecom works & for mines. 

The handheld gas detectors offered by us featuring the above mentioned facilities are in association with Senko, Korea, a world renowned manufacturer of hand held portable gas detector for over 15 years and follows the CE, ATEX and other industry standards for hazardous gas detection.

Available in both Multi gas detector option which is capable of detecting four gases Oxygen levels (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and all combustible gases ; also single gas detector options for 02, CO, H2S, H2, S02, Cl2, NH3, NO2 gases

As an example, when potentially harmful gases are detected such as methane (natural gas), the portable gas detector , based on its LEL settings emits a TRIPLE Alarm - an audible alarm , activates  its LED indicator and vibrates to warn the worker or operator of potential danger.

The portable gas detectors can be used for both monitoring gas for personal safety and for spot gas leak detection. 

The portable hand held gas detectors are IP67 rated – water proof, dust proof and additionally provided with a rugged carrying case to allow use in tough environments and are based on a single button operation designed to be use by ANY level of Operator in ANY site conditions.

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SGT Single Gas Detector

SGT Single Gas Detector

Single gas detector designed to detect the presence of hazardous gas in the ambient environment with continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of a specific gas concentration

SP2nd Portable Gas Detector

SP2nd Portable Gas Detector

SP2nd monitor O2, CO, SO2, H2, H2S, NH3 designed to detect the presence of hazardous gas in ambient environment.

MGT Multi Gas Detector

MGT Multi Gas Detector

Used to detect flammable gases, oxygen depletion & toxic gases, for meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries and utilities

SP Secure Gas Leak Detector

SP Secure Gas Leak Detector

Designed to detect the presence of LPG/LNG including methane and combustible gases, near any gas pipes and valves.

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