High Voltage Test Equipment

High Voltage Test Equipment

Power Cable Fault Locators

KEP power cable fault locators identified pre-locating faults and cable burn from low, medium to high voltage cables

Power Cable Fault Locators

Hipot Testers

High voltage testers “HIPOT" manual, automatic AC/DC hipot testers for up to 70kV, 100kV, 140kV

Hipot Testers

ACL Stanlay offers exclusively for the Indian market, in association with KharkovEnergoPribor Ltd. (K.E.P) with its offices at Ukraine and U.K, high voltage test equipment and devices for a variety of applications including Power cable fault locating, Cable testing, High voltage AC/DC Hipot testers, Oil breakdown voltage testing, Circuit breaker testing amongst other applications.

The product range offered, includes:

Power Cable Fault locating equipment:

  •  Power cable fault locators including Mobile low, medium, and high voltage systems
  • Van mounted cable fault locating systems up to 40kV.  

High voltage testers "HIPOT":

  • Manual AC/DC Hipot testers for up to 70kV
  • Automatic AC/DC Hipot testers for up to 100kV
  • Automatic AC/DC Hipot testers for up to 140kV

VLF Test equipment is utilised as withstand tests for condition assessment of cables, for predictive maintenance up to 62kVpeak.

Insulating Oil testers:

  • Oil breakdown voltage test equipment 80kV
  • Oil breakdown voltage tester 100kV

Automatic circuit breaker testers

Automatic Resonance Testers for high-voltage testing of high-capacitance objects such as generator stator windings, busbars, cables etc

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