CBC 50M Electrical Glove Boot Tester

CBC 50 M Electrical Glove Boot Tester CBC 50 M Electrical Glove Boot Tester CBC 50M Electrical Glove Boot Tester CBC 50M Electrical Glove Boot Tester
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CBC 50M Electrical Glove Boot Tester

The CBC-50M Electrical Gloves & Boot Testers are designed for acceptance and operational high-voltage testing of personal electrical protective equipment used in electrical installations and insulated hand tools.

The Electrical Glove Tester can be used without a test bath for general purpose high-voltage AC testing of various solid dielectrics.

Withstand tests are carried out with an AC voltage up to 50 KVrms at industrial frequency (f = 50 Hz) with test bath operating upto 15 KV.

CBC-50M Electrical protective equipment testers include a variety of holders and adaptors allowing to test a wide range of the objects:

  • Ideal testing equipment for rubber insulating gloves and dielectric safety boots;
  • hand tools with electrical insulation;
  • voltage detectors and indicators;
  • discharge rods;
  • insulating mats

The High voltage glove testing equipment is composed of a control unit, test bath and a high-voltage unit. The test procedure is controlled from the control unit, which may be positioned at a safe distance away from high-voltage source and the test bath, ensuring operator safety..

CBC-50M high voltage glove tester offers easy & convenient monitoring while operation. Comes with four pre set output voltage levels, it has built in timer to set test duration. The tester displays leakage current throughout the operation & having outo-shut feature  to terminate the test once breakdown voltage is detected.

Safety Measures:

CBC -50M systems include the following operational safety measures:

  • Overcurrent protection.
  • Automatic short-circuiter on the high-voltage unit.
  • Protective earthing.
  • Fuses.
  • Sulphur hexafluoride gas pressure monitoring in the high-voltage unit (units).Emergency stop button.


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