Electrical Glove Boot Testers

Electrical Glove Boot Testers

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The Electrical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provides additional safety during electrical works to ensure electrical workers are protected from electrical hazards while working on electrical equipment. Electricians who work with electrical equipment shall be provided with appropriate electrical PPE, negligence when working with a high-voltage equipment can result in severe injury or death.

The CBC family of electrical protective equipment testers from KEP are designed for rapid and quality assessment of dielectric strength of a wide range of PPE, including dielectric gloves, boots, hand tools with insulated handles, voltage indicators, discharge rods, etc.

The CBC-M-series dielectric glove testers are designed for acceptance and operational high-voltage testing of personal electrical protective equipment used in electrical installations and insulated hand tools whereas the CBC-C-series Electrical Gloves & Boot Testers offer fully automatic test operations of electrical protective Equipments with up to 100KVrms AC voltage : the supply, stabilisation and control of the test voltage is carried out automatically, while the filling and drainage of the test bath is done by an electric pump.

All CBC-family dielectric high voltage glove & boot testers feature a remote-control unit and all-round auxiliary protection mechanisms for maximum operator safety.

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