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CBC 50C Automatic Electrical Glove Boot Tester

Automatic Electrical Glove Boot Tester

CBC-C series systems are fully automatic electrical glove testers. CBC-50C is designed for high-voltage withstand testing carried out with an AC voltage up to 50 kV RMS with the test bath operating upto 15kv for electrical protective equipment and insulated hand tools. Upto 4 rubber insulated gloves or boots can be tested simultaneously.

CBC-50C electrical protective equipment testers are supplied with a range of holders allowing to test a wide range of objects, including: rubber insulating gloves and dielectric safety boots; hand tools with electrical insulation; voltage indicators, discharge rods; insulating mats.

The CBC -50C Automatic Glove & Boot Electrical Test System are able to operate in a fully automatic mode – apply, stabilise and control the output voltage according to the pre-set parameters, as well as fill and drain the test bath using electric pump as part of the test cycle.

Multi Module Design:

The High voltage glove testing equipment comprises of control, high-voltage and measurement units, as well as a separate test bath. Such multi-module design allows an operator to remain at a safe distance away from high-voltage circuit and the test bath.

Digital Control & Monitoring:

  • The CBC-50C dielectric glove testers have five pre-set output voltage levels, as well as one user-defined one.
  • Test duration is set and monitored via a built-in timer.
  • Leakage current is displayed throughout the entire test cycle.
  • Upon detecting a breakdown, the system indicates the specific glove the breakdown has occurred in and automatically terminates the test.

Safety Measures:

CBC - 50C systems include the following operational safety measures:

  • Overcurrent protection.
  • Short-circuiter on the high-voltage outlet.
  • Protective earthing.
  • Fuses.
  • Sulphur hexafluoride gas pressure monitoring in the high-voltage unit (units).
  • Emergency stop button.


Product Specification
Test modes and parameters "Neon lamp, 100 V" Output voltage adjustment and indication range 20 … 100 VRMS
"Test bath, 15kV" 1 … 15 kVRMS
"BVI-50" 10 … 50 kVRMS
"BVI-100" -
Leakage current threshold 7.6 mA
Number of simultaneously testable objects up to 4
Relative voltage and leakage current indication error ± 3 %
Safety Grounding Protective earthing
Operating grounding
Automatic grounding bar
Protection Overcurrent
Thermal overload warning
Low internal gas pressure warning
High voltage presence signalling Light signalling
High voltage switch off EMERGENCY STOP button
Power keylock switch
Safety interlock
Power supply and consumption Mains supply voltage 230 VAC, ± 10 %
Mains supply frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz option)
Power consumption up to 0.9 kV•A
Physical Control unit dimensions, H × W × D 97 × 344 × 193 mm
Control unit weight  
High-voltage unit dimensions, H × W × D 334 × 364 × 381 mm
High-voltage unit weight 26.5 kg
Measurements unit dimensions, H × W × D 175 × 368 × 254 mm
Measurements unit weight  
Bath dimensions, H × W × D 900 × 700 × 820 mm
Bath weight (with accessories, empty)  


  • Allow test in automatic mode
  • 5 preset output voltage
  • Built in timer for monitoring test duration
  • Multi module design ensures operator safety
  • Display leakage current
  • Auto-shut test operation if breakdown voltage detected
Frequently Asked Questions (5 answered questions)
7.6 mA

Person name: Asian

Multi-module design allows an operator to remain at a safe distance away from high-voltage circuit and the test bath while operating.The Control unit allows view test & parameters with breakdowns from a safe distance.

Person name: Asian

50 kV RMS

Person name: Asian

Up to 4 object can be tested at one time simultaneously.

Person name: Asian

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