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SFX 40 Mobile Cable Testing & Fault Location System

The SPG 40 is a mobile, multi-functional system for testing, prelocation, pinpointing and converting cable faults in low and medium voltage networks.

The system is directly controlled via CAN Bus by the connected Teleflex SX or via the integrated PLC operating panel. All functions of the system can be easily performed using the rotary encoder. The system supports easy and clear handling, even for inexperienced users. At the same time, the highest degree of safety is guaranteed.

Key benefits:

  • DC Testing up to 40 kV ARM, ICE and Decay Method integrated
  • Operation by VGA Display and single button rotary encoder
  • High surge energy for the acoustic pinpointing 1000 or 2000 J
  • Surge voltage levels for MV cable 10 ... 12.5 /25 kV or 0 ... 16/32 kV
  • Surge voltage levels for lower voltage 0 ... 3/6 kV or 0 ... 4/8 kV
  • Integrated safety system
  • Depending on the installation, the HV is controlled either by the network and HV control integrated in the device or by a separate HV On/Off box. All function of the system can be easily performed using the selector knob.
  • The software support easy and clear handling, even for inexperienced users. At the same time, the highest degree of safety is guaranteed.

Product Specification


Teleflex SX
TDR µs
Transienten 20 m.. 160 km
Pulse width 20 ns…5µs
Sampling rate up to 400 MHz
V/2 10….149.9 m/µs
Modes Symmetrical/unsymmetrical/reflection measurement
Difference measurement/comparision
All ARM arc Reflection Methods, ARM Slide, Pro Range,
All ICE impulse current decoupling methods
DECAY Travelling wave method
IFL intermittent Fault Location
Arc reflection burning.
Memory 4 GB
Interface Ethernet, USB, BNC, CAN (LON optional)
Impedance matching 8 Ω….500Ω adjustable
Operating temperature -10ËšC…+ 50ËšC
Supply 12 V DC
Dimensions (W x H x D) 362 x 195 x 306 mm
Weight 10 kg
SFX 40
Display 1/4 VGA
Insulation Test Voltages 1000 V and 5000 V
ranges 1kΩ, 1 MΩ, 100 MΩ
DC testing 0… 40 kV DC
Leakage current 0…1/10/100 mA automatic measuring areas setting
Breakdown detection 0…40 kV
Burning 0…8 kV; 0.7 A; 0…20 kV; 0.1 A
Upper surge voltages 0…12.5/ 25 kV or 0… 16/32 kV
Lower surge voltages (optional) 0…3 kV or 0…6 kV
Surge energy 1000 J in every range (optionally 2000 J for vehicle installation)
Surge sequence 3… 10 sec. and single pulse
Sheath fault location 0….5 kV and 0….10 kV
Cycle intervals DC; 1:3; 1:4; 1:6 (Sec)
HV prelocation (with optional TDR) ARM, ICE current decoupling Decay voltage coupling
ICE Plus option (for 4 and 8 kV)
Operating temperature -10ËšC… + 50ËšC'
Power Supply 230 V; 50/60 Hz (110 V optional)
Power Consumption 1.7 kVA max.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 520 x 430 x 1050 mm
Weight ca. 116 kg (incl. opt. surge level)
  • High surge energy.
  • All Hv prelocation methods integrated.
  • High level of operatiobal comfort and saftey.
  • Portable and test van installation version.
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Product Info Downloads

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