Why is datalogging important in buried pipe & cable locators.

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While the cable pipe detector such as the CSCOPE DXL2 cable avoidance tool are thoroughbred professional tools for detecting cables & pipes

which are built to perform,  if there is a cable cut, the subject will come down to  :DXL Cable Avoidance Tool

1. Was the cable avoidance tool used at all before the digging was initiated.
2. The second question would be – If yes, which modes was it utilized in ; i.e was only the power mode utilized for detecting energized power cables, or was the all scan mode used to detect all utilities in one sweep.
3. Third question, were the right gain settings utilized.

While the use of the product is child’s play for an experienced operator, it is the first chapter of a boo for a new or inexperienced or untrained operator.

Data logging allows the supervisor or the manager to know  :

  1. Whether the equipment was utilized at all.
  2. On what dates and time it was utilized.
  3. How i.e in which modes the cable locator was utilized.
  4. What settings were used.

Ensuring that the ground operatives know that their activities can be monitored and ensuring that diagnosis of non-performance can be pinpointed to the exact human error i.e is the operator proficient, does he need more training, or are the equipment’s being utilized for the designated purpose.

The same can be further extended to allow GPS logs to be established  , using any standard android phone to capture utility data by way of Bluetooth connectivity with the utility locator to extend the capability of the equipment’s and in turn convert the data logging capability to being a tool for updating as built maps.

Datalogging is starting to become as statutory requirement in various countries to ensure minimal cable cuts and pipe damages before excavation. However, as is the case with any system, while the CSCOPE DXL2 & MXL2 prevision pipe and cable locator range bring with them the latest in datalogging technology with built in Bluetooth, it comes down to the supervisors themselves to ensure that they utilize these technology benefits to ensure that best practices are followed by their ground operatives .

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