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SFX 5-1000 Portable Multifunction Megger Cable Fault Locator

The SFX 5-1000 is a portable, multi-functional system for testing, fault conditioning pre- and pinpoint location of faults in low voltage distribution networks. The ingenious pre-location method "ICE plus" offers the operator an easy-to-use tool for pre-locating faults in branched systems, which so far were very difficult to locate. This Test method uses the low frequency component of the impulse signals during a flash-over at the fault point in order to determine the distance. 

  • Complete system for reliable testing, prelocation and pinpointing of faults in LV networks.
  • ICE plus technology for Teed LV distribution. 
  • Compact and light construction
  • Highest operator comfort for all user levels.
  • Highest safety standards.

Key benefits:

  • ICE plus for the easy and reliable fault prelocation without interference from branches
  • High surge energy for pinpointing
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Testing up to 5 kV
  • Automatic detection of the breakdown voltage
  • Pinpointing with the integrated surge generator 0 … 2 / 4 kV 1000 J
  • Pulsed DC for sheath fault pinpointing

Product Specification


Display ¼ VGA display
Testing 0 … 5000 V  DC ; timer
Leakage display 0 … 1 mA; 0… 10 mA
Automatic flash- over identification 0 … 5000  V DC
Prelocation (Option ICE plus) 0 … 4000 V Surge voltage
Burning 0… 2000 V with 0.25  A
0 … 5000 V with 0.1 A
Surge 0 … 4000 v with 1000 J
Surge rate Single pulse; 3 … 20 sec.
Sheath fault location  0 … 500 V/ 2000 V/ 5000 V
Pulse ratio 1:3 ; 1:6 (sec)
Operating temp. -10  ËšC … + 50  ËšC
Mains supply 230 V; 50/60  Hz (110  V  optional)
Power input 600 VA max.
Dimensions ( L x H x W) 520  x  560  x  430 mm
Weight approx.  45 kg
  • PLC with 1/4 VGA display
  • Pre-location with ICE plus (optional) for accurate pre-location, independent of T-joints
  • High surge output for acoustic pinpoint location.
  • Compact and rugged, using an electronic HV source and HV switch.
  • Easy-to-use software, providing a high level of operational comfort and saftey.


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