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Proceq GPR Live

Proceq GPR Live for Concrete Scanning & Imaging

Proceq GPR Live – The Most Innovative Ultra Wideband Portable GPR for Concrete Scanning

Proceq GPR Live is the latest offering from Proceq Switzerland, world leader in NDT & marks the beginning of a new era in NDT test instruments for concrete.

Proceq GPR Live is designed to provide outstanding structural building assessment based on a compact wireless 4 wheel car to perform structural imaging of rebar.

The New Proceq GPR Live comes with the unique stepped frequency continuous-wave(SFCW) technology delivering the widest frequency spectrum covering all application typically addressed otherwise with multiple separate antennas in the range of 0.9 to 3.5 GHz which is now be covered with  a single antenna.

Proceq GPR Live provide superior measuring modes such as line scan & area scan to conduct rebar detection or establish rebar grids in concrete to provide highly accurate & reliable data.

Proceq GPR Live is available in two Product Options

  • Proceq GPR Live Basic : Enables contractors to reliably avoid hit damage when drilling, cutting and sawing by providing superior measuring rebar detection performance with its ultra-wideband antenna
  • Proceq GPR Live Pro : For engineering consultants and structural inspectors to tackle all concrete imaging jobs of rebar in structures where more on site analysis & intuitive reporting is desired with sophisticated 3D time slice control for object & positioning data visualization features.


Product Models
Ultra-Wideband GPR
Basic time-slice view
Pro time-slice view
3D View
Data sharing and reporting
Secure cloud Features

Product Specification
Measuring principle
Stepped-frequency continuous-wave GPR
Frequency range
0.2 to 4.0 GHz
Central frequency
2.4 GHz
2.85 GHz
Maximum peak power
-7 dB EIRP
Max. depth range
70 cm / 28 inches on dry concrete
220 x 180 x 143 mm / 8.7 x 7.1 x 5.6 in
2 kg / 4.4 lb
8 x AA (alkaline or rechargeable)
Battery lifetime
3.5 hours of continuous use
Any Apple iPad
Operating  temperature
-10 to 50 °C / 14 to 122 °F
<95% RH, non-condensing
IP classification
Export (only Basic & Pro version)
Measurement (Proceq GPR Live app file), snapshot (JPG), chart (CSV)
English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
Regional settings
Metric and Imperial units
Applied norms  and standards
AASHTO R 37-04, ACI 228.2R.98, ASTM D4748−10, ASTM D6087−08, ASTM D6432−11, EN 302066 - ETSI.
Object positioning Tag objects and calibrate the dielectric constant
  • User can choose from a library of predefined and user-defined objects
  • User can calibrate the dielectric constant by referring to known depth of detected objects
  • Enables users and supervisors to ensure the quality of the inspection procedure
  • Accelerates on-site note-taking
  • Reduces effort for reporting
  • Helps to identify sources of error
  • Enables geolocation of inspection through mobile GPS signatures                                   
Non-migrated Line Scan
Unprocessed radar data (also known as “B-scan”, “radargram”)
Standard view with the highest signal-to-noise ratio compared to all competing devices
Preferred by experienced users
Optimal for determining the exact position of objects within concrete
Feature is available in Basic and Pro Version Device


Migrated Line Scan
Intelligently post-processed radar data (also known as “B-scan”, “radargram”)
Enables users to infer the location and shape of objects detected within concrete
Easier to intuitively interpret GPR data, even for inexperienced users
Feature is available in Basic and Pro Version Device


3D View
3D visualization of a Timeslice View Pro
Enables users to enjoy the most realistic view of detected objects
Spectacular reporting for the most demanding end-customers
Among all GPR devices, only Proceq GPR Live offers on-site3D View
Feature is available only in Pro Version Device


Data Export / Sharing / Reporting / Cloud
User-friendly cloud functionality enables collaboration and reporting
Only available on Pro Version Device
Note: data collected with Basic cannot be shared / exported through the Live cloud, even after upgrading to Pro version  device         
Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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