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LD2-40 Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Measurer

LD2 laser distance meter are hand-held, highly accurate laser distance meter. It can measure distance up to 40m Max., area, volume, and perform Pythagorean calculation for indirect distance measurement for inaccessible areas.The LD2-40 laser distance measurer is lightweight and easy to operate

The LD2-40 laser distance measurer provides a unique extended black LCD display that allows use in dark areas typical of construction & industrial sites allowing the user to work comfortably.

Application areas include: construction, interior design & heavy engineering.

Product Specification



Display Type


Display Size




Min. Display Unit


Measurement Units


Measurement Basis



± (2mm+5 x 10 - 5 D)

Laser Class


Laser Type

630~670nm, ﹤1mW

Other Features

Single Measurement

Continuous Measurement





Auto Levelling Horizontal


Auto Levelling Vertical


Data Storage

20 Data Sets

Auto Power Off

3 minutes without operation

Auto Laser Off

30s without operation

Auto Backlight Off

10s without operation

Tilt Angle


Audio Indication

Battery Status Display

Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature


  • Ergonomic exterior, millimeter accuracy
  • Comfortable handling, Physical leveller
  • Large, multiple angle HD display
  • Quick, auto calculation with real-time readout
  • Multiple functions: Max/Min/continuous measurement
  • Displacement calculation, data storage and more
  • Auto power off after 3 minutes without operation
Frequently Asked Questions (2 answered questions)
Yes, this device works under the sun. It is designed for outdoor and indoor applications.

Person name: Sundar

To ensure your laser distance measure is calculating the right distance, you will need to compare with a physical measured Value, like a distance measured with measurement Tape.

1. Measure a length between Two Parallel Plane/Walls with the Measurement Tape Preferably Steel Tape.
2. Either make a mark or secure the tape measure in place.
3. Place the laser distance meter at the exact distance indicated by the tape measure. Make sure your meter is set to the right measuring position (front, rear, corner extension piece).
4. Turn on the meter.
5. Direct the laser beam toward the target.
6. Press and release the "measure" button.
7. If the figure on the laser measure is considerably larger or smaller than the actual measurement, return the laser distance measure to the us for readjustment.

Person name: Ravishankar

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